Post Office Monthly Income RD Scheme

Post Office monthly income scheme: Husband and wife will get 5000 thousand rupees per month in this post office scheme. Now post office provide many investment scheme for various sector. Post office investment is safest investment so people are trusting in post office. Here we share full information about post office monthly income scheme like eligibility, How to apply and how you get benefits. 

Post Office monthly income scheme 2022

Under the Monthly Income Scheme, husband and wife receive guaranteed income every month through a joint post office account. For this scheme Maturity is five years. In this scheme any Indian resident can open an account in Post Office Monthly Income Scheme.

This scheme you can open account with Rs.1000 / deposit. For get monthly income under this scheme you have to invest Rs.4.5 lakhs in single account and Rs.9 lakhs in joint account.

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme is guarantees you a monthly stipend.  If the spouses have opened a joint account and deposited a total of Rs 9 lakh in it, the annual interest at the rate of 6.6 per cent would be Rs 59,400.  Which can give you Rs 4950 per month.

You can go to any nearest post office to open an account. Must share this post office monthly income scheme with investors and who want to saving thair Money in post office. 

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