One Security Antivirus Cleaner Application Review

This helps me get a head start. It really helps to protect my phone in case if there's malicious stuff going on my phone. If I see one, I could clean it to make sure my phone doesn't get hacked or completely destroyed. But not sure if there are any bugs or crashes in this because there are other security apps that have bugs and crash in them, well some. 

One Security App Review 2022 Antivirus Cleaner

Never had a problem until my projects started becoming available, so I had to delete them since I couldn't work on them anymore. This was the exact same time I started using one security. It cleared all the data from my projects I'm thinking. Everything else is good. Nice virus protection and phone cleaning.

The app is good, I mostly used it to boost my phone, sometimes the app would make false claims that my phone was either overheating or certain apps were wasting my battery, they're kinda annoying at times. Most likely to get me to watch an ad but that's ok in my book since it gets the job done, my phone charges way faster than it used to.

Appears too often on your screen to be useful and is very annoying. Should only come on once a week or something like that! Once it's gone through the entire process tries to repeat to do the whole thing over again. Comes on way too many times during the course of an hour.

Just downloaded it as free malware detection, already expecting not much. But I certainly don't believe it is capable of sifting through 40GB data, even if it's only a surface scan, in three seconds flat. Scanned several times, always about the same time.

Gave it a two-star because every time I do anything junk files, booster they all just start up again including overheating. After entering a site gotta go back and residue the process all over again. I don't know why this has been given so many stars ether it was useful after so many upgrades or someone.

Install Avast Antivirus 

I would have given this more stars but the ads are really terrible and intrusive. I understand the necessity but after EVERY function and multiples.

was a little bit scared about having a virus on my phone but i don't i am so thankful about this app help keeping my phone safe but the only downside is that there is a lot and I mean a lot of ads if there was not that many ads it would have gotten a 5-star rating.

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