Mutual Fund SIP Investment Scheme

Mutual Fund SIP: If you want to earn good money without risk then you can go for SWP Systematic Withdrawal Plan, In the SIP scheme will get a monthly amount as a pension. Investing in Mutual Funds instantly is now possible. you need your PAN to start your investments. To get a holistic view of your mutual fund investments you can Start your SIP as early as 5 days.

Mutual Fund SIP Investment Scheme

A systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) is an investment under which the investor gets back a fixed amount from the mutual fund scheme. The biggest advantage of SWP is that it is a regular withdrawal. This means the redemption of units from the scheme.

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Systematic investment plan

How to get a fat pension by investing 5000.
SIP for 20 years Monthly SIP 5 thousand rupees. Duration 20 years Give Estimated return 12 percent and Total cost Rs. 50 lakhs.

20-year-old SWP 50 lakh was invested in various schemes, Estimated return of 8.5% and Annual compensation is Rs. 4.25 lakhs. Monthly compensation 4.25 lakh / 12 = Rs. 35417.

Investors will have to pay short-term capital gains tax where the holding period is not more than 12 months. If you are investing in any scheme, you can also enable the SWP option in it.

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