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What Is 5G ? Top 10 Question Releted 5G Network

5G network connectivity can be activated in the major city of the country by October 2022. The company will launch 5G service keeping in mind the needs of the users. Many questions are running in people's minds before the 5G launch. Will they need a new SIM card and smartphone? How much will he have to spend for it? Etc The answer to such a question is for you.

What Is 5G? Top 10 Questions Related 5G Network 2022

5G will bring a lot to us, but it will take time to reach everyone. Initially, the telecom companies will launch this service in metro cities only.  After 5G comes Have to buy a new phone and SIM? Know the answer to 10 essential questions.

What Is 5G

5G is the next generation of telecommunications. Which is called the 5th generation. So you must have at least a 5G smartphone. If you don't have a phone with 5G support, you have to buy a new smartphone. Here is Top 10 Question and answer about 5G network.

5G connection will be supported on your existing SIM. Telecom companies have not disclosed the price of 5G plans till now. On 5G you will comfortably get a speed of 1Gbps.

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