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Download Aadhaar And Pan Card Directly On Whatsapp

Now you can download Your Aadhaar card, and Pan Card on WhatsApp. Here is full details on how you can download your Aadhaar and Pan Card on WhatsApp. It's possible with Digilocker you need to upload and store your documents in Digilocker after that you can access it through WhatsApp.

Download Aadhaar And Pan Card Directly On Whatsapp

Step-by-step Instructions for Downloading Aadhaar card, and Pan Card on WhatsApp with Digilocker.

How to download Aadhaar, and PAN through WhatsApp

Step 1: Save +91-9013151515 as the MyGov helpdesk contact number on your phone.
Step 2: Now open WhatsApp and refresh your WhatsApp contact list.
Step 3: Find and open the MyGov helpdesk chatbot.
Step 4: Now type 'namaste' or 'hi' in the MyGov helpdesk chat.
Step 5: The chatbot will ask you to choose between DigiLocker or Kovin service. Here select 'DigiLocker Services'.
Step 6: Now the chatbot will ask if you have a DigiLocker account, tap on 'Yes' here. If you don't have one, create your account by visiting the official website or the DigiLocker app.
Step 7: The chatbot will now ask for your 12-digit Aadhaar number to link and authenticate your DigiLocker account. Enter your Aadhaar number and send.
Step 8: You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter the chatbot.
Step 9: The chatbot list will show you a list of all the documents associated with your DigiLocker account.
Step 10: Enter the number your document is listed to download and send your document.

You can download only one document at a time. Also, you can only download documents issued by DigiLocker.

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