Gujarati Riddle 2023 Paheli Puzzle App

The Gujarati Riddle 2023 Paheli Puzzle App is a great way to exercise your brain and have fun while doing it. It contains a wide variety of puzzles and riddles, all written in Gujarati, and they come with detailed explanations and solutions. The app also includes a timer so you can challenge yourself to solve the puzzles within a certain amount of time.

Gujarati Riddle 2023 Paheli Puzzle App

The Puzzle app offers the biggest selection of puzzles and Gujarati riddles from various sources. It also has a range of difficulty levels to suit your brain puzzlers for you. It's free to download and easy-to-use application. Some popular riddle apps are Riddle Me That, Riddle Quiz, Brain Teaser Riddles, etc.

A puzzle app provides a variety of puzzles to solve. These apps have a range of different puzzle types, such as crosswords, word searches, sudoku, and other popular puzzles.  also, allow users to customize their experience by selecting the type and difficulty of the puzzles they want to solve.


1. 1010+2020+3070=6100
यही इस पहेली का सही उत्तर है| 
अगर आपका जवाब 7000 आया था तो वह गलत था.

A riddle is one type of puzzle that consists of a statement or question that has a double or hidden meaning. Riddles are used as a form of entertainment and are found in many cultures around all India.

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