Temporary Health Insurance Plans

Temporary health insurance plans are available nationwide. Take advantage of our ability to allow you to apply for your temporary health insurance online now! If you do not want to apply for your quick health insurance plan online then please feel free to contact a representative and agent. We make getting insurance easy. Above simply choose a state and you will be taken to the most appropriate insurance plan available in your state.  At that point you will be prompted to input some basic information; click submit and you are on your way to being covered in no time.

If you were searching for any type of permanent insurance for you and your family we would recommend that you visit www.ehealthinsuranceplansto find a plan that you can keep indefinitely.

Temporary Health Insurance for people who are:

  • Between Jobs Or Laid Offs
  • Waiting For Group Coverage.
  • Dependents Leaving Parents Health Plan.
  • Graduating From College

Let our 35 years of successful experience LOWERING temporary health insurance premiums work for you. There are still many affordable health plans available now for you and your family in today's marketplace. Be either self-employed, a small business an individual, or a family we will find the best coverage to fit your needs and budget.

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Our award-winning service still believes in people answering your calls and providing you and your family with the service and assistance you deserve. We welcome the opportunity to talk to our present and future clients each and every business day.

Please review the many types of plans and coverage available. By just clicking on the type of coverage you are interested in reviewing.  From individual and family to group and short-term and dental we search the market for today’s very busy consumers.  You receive a free online quote or a call from a courteous and professional agent to review your needs.  Or if you need assistance right now please email us at Email or call toll-free. We hope to serve you today and for many years to come.

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